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Why Choose BPM?

BPM Holistic Wellness is a locally owned passion, turned small business founded by myself, Glen! I have been trusted by countless clients across Australia, who are all looking for the next step in their own health & wellness journey! Equipped with a mission to help you gain your health & energy back, so you can run around with your kids, grandkids, friends and family for years to come! I only use products that are of the highest quality & made from ethical sources!

The individualised products & services are delivered to you in the highest quality, where your personal well-being and safety is the number 1 priority! I have years of personal experience and training in making sure that my clients are receiving the results they desire, not what I desire! I have been described and given the nickname of "Zen Glen", due to my calming nature and balanced character. So unlike other coaches, the focus is wholly and solely on you and being able to find what drives & motivates you, not the other way around!

We fiercely underestimate the mind-body connection and the effect that correct breathing and mindfulness practices have on performance, on ALL LEVELS!

Since i started working with Glen, i'm just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible. This has kept me accountable and continuing to stretch the boundaries, way beyond what I may have been capable of on my own!

Excited to see how much further I can push this and let’s be honest here, the potential is limitless.

What else is possible?#thelivefreemovement #bpmholisticwellness

Briana Bowley

Coach, Author & Speaker

About Glen

Glen Lomman,

Owner & Founder

Hey there, my name is Glen and I am the founder and sole owner of "BPM Holistic Wellness". After years of abuse to my own body throughout my youthful days, there came a point in time when enough was enough. Suddenly losing a family member in a car accident & another to cancer, along with the "youthful party lifestyle", all led to the point of rock bottom! When it really hit me, it was a very dark place (yes I really did lock myself in a wardrobe & it was damn dark in there), I got to a point there when something clicked and I said to myself, "there has to be more to life than feeling so crap every day"! So it was here that I decided against following the same path I was previously on, I decided to make myself, others and also my lost family members proud! I always had an interest in health, but now I was here to take it serious!!! This thirst for health & learning has allowed me to learn from some of the most knowledgeable leaders in the world and implement the tools into my own life, now all the knowledge I have learnt is overflowing to my awesome friends (clients) & family!